The Most Important Restaurant Equipment For a Fast Food Burger Restaurant

Fast food burger restaurants are extremely popular and high in demand. People are always on the go, food has to be prepared quickly, and it is important for restaurants to have equipment that can keep up with the endless demand of fast paced orders.  Restaurants also need water damage restoration services in case of unforeseen water damages that may occur. One of these good services is flood restoration san diego.  Also, besides specialty equipment, all fast food burger restaurants need the same basic equipment.

Here is a list of the most important pieces of equipment that a fast food burger restaurant needs in order to operate quickly and efficiently.

Refrigerators and Freezers

Food storage is arguably the most important piece of equipment that any restaurant can have no matter what type of restaurant it is. There are many laws in the food industry pertaining to food storage and buying commercial-grade refrigerators and freezers can ensure that your perishable foods storage meets regulations. Not all restaurants have room for a walk-in refrigerator or freezer, and this is okay as long as the refrigerator or freezer is commercial grade. Things to consider when purchasing a refrigerator or freezer:

Blast Cooler – this rapidly freezes food, which forms smaller ice crystals in the food. This keeps food fresher and better looking.
Energy Star efficiency – purchasing an energy star efficient unit can save money on the electric bill in the long run.

Dual temperature controls-  refrigerators with this feature are separated into two or three compartments. This will allow you to store different items at different temperatures. This is especially good for restaurants with a huge variety of items on the menu.

Worktop Refrigerator- These are really good for the prep line, especially since restaurants need counter space anyway. It’s like a metal counter with a built in refrigerator. Prep cooks can have everything they need right at their fingertips. However, some cooks prefer to find a commercial ice maker for sale.

Griddles-  are one of the best pieces of cooking equipment for a fast food restaurant because it is good for cooking so many different foods. Griddles can cook anything from pancakes to burgers to steaks. There are three types of griddles. A counter top griddle is small, portable, and inexpensive compared to the other griddles. A drop-in grill is one that is built in. These are more popular for restaurants who use griddles regularly and they have a larger cooking capacity than counter top griddles, although they do cost more. A teppenyaki griddle is like a drop in griddle, except that the edges tend to be a bit cooler so food can sit on the edges to keep warm while other food is cooking in the middle. When choosing a griddle, consider plate thickness. The thicker the plate, the more work you can get out of the griddle. Controls are another important feature. Thermostatic controls allow you to set the griddle at a specific temperature, but these types of griddles cost more.