Vaping 101

16004247125_28f58e7af8_kThe decision to switch from regular cigarettes to the e-cigarette is the best decision a person can make. No, they don’t have the traditional smoke and the stale smell of the carcinogens in regular cigarettes; they are a whole lot better for you. At Kangerteck, we only use the finest vaping materials to enhance our user’s experience. Start your journey right with an kanger evod starter kit from eJuice Farm. We want to ensure that each puff is consistent and refreshing. If you are new to vaping, you probably have many questions and want to know what equipment you need. We have packaged starter kits that will ensure you can get everything bundled together for a great price.

Because vaping is technically not smoking, many establishments will allow you to use them. There is no harmful second hand smoke and there is no danger to those around you. Vaping doesn’t leave ashes or a mess behind either. The smoking laws that apply to most restaurants and other public places don’t include the e-cigarette. Once you have had your first puff vaping, there’s no turning back. “Where do I get started?” you may be asking.. get started on a healthier lifestyle with a kanger evod starter kit. Includes2 Kanger clearomizer tanks, 2 batteries, a charger, and 5 extra coils. So why should you switch from regular cigarettes to the amazing Kangerteck e-cigarette? Here are the top 10 reasons why.

1. Your Insurance Rates Will Improve

Have you ever tried to get insurance and they gave you higher rates simply because you smoked? When you quit smoking, your insurance rates go down. Not only will you save money because you’re not smoking those expensive cigarettes anymore, but you should be able to get a reasonable life insurance policy.

2. Your Health Will Recover

Smoking traditional cigarettes dulls the taste buds. It is not uncommon for people to say 18539459466_5da9c3e72b_kthey don’t have a sense of taste anymore. That sense of taste will return when you start vaping. Because traditional cigarettes have over 4000 toxins in them, you will be doing your body a favor by quitting. Your blood pressure should improve, your breathing will be easier and your blood circulation will be better. This is all from removing the toxins caused with smoking.

3. No Risk of Fire

Vaping is safe and there’s no risk of fire. You don’t need a lighter or anything other than a power source. Don’t worry about holes in your clothes or catching the bed on fire. You can vape in bed or while driving down the road without issue. There’s no smoke and where there’s no smoke there’s no fire. This is the safest way to get the nicotine you crave without the dangerous risk of burning yourself or others.

4. You Will Smell Better

Cigarettes have a stale smell. The smoker usually is able to get used to that smell. However, some people cannot stand it. It can ruin your love life, your home life and make people stay away. Rather than trying to douse yourself with cologne or perfume, you will smell amazing from morning to night.

5. You Have Flavor Options

With traditional smokes, you have only a couple of options. While others may be selecting menthol or regular, you can choose from many flavor choices. How about a vanilla vaping experience? If you thought cherry and vanilla were just for cigars, think again. You can have a unique smoking experience that is one of a kind.

6. You Can Vape Anywhere

16161334528_c2c7ca48c3_kWhy not take your loved one to the movie and vape through the whole picture? It can be done and no one can stop you. Because vaping is not smoking, you can do it anywhere. Those public rules don’t apply to you about smoking because this isn’t a traditional cigarette and you aren’t blowing smoke.

7. You Can Quit Smoking Forever

Many people use vaping as a step down method to quit smoking forever. If you want to quit and are tired of patches and other schemes that don’t work, vaping maybe for you.

8. Set A Positive Image

Back in the 1950’s, smoking was considered cool. Today, with all the warnings and knowledge about how dangerous it is, it’s not the cool thing to do anymore. Set a good example for children because vaping isn’t smoking. Vaping doesn’t cause you to breath in dangerous toxins. Tired of smoking in secret? Vaping can help.

9. Less Trash

Traditional cigarettes are a big mess. Whether you’re used to rolling your own or you are just dealing with ashtrays everywhere, you know how much a pain these can be. Stale ash-trays have a smell that permeates the whole house. Vaping has no mess and no mess. 16086392488_9be9897a43_kAll you do is breathe in flavored steam that is customized according to your pallet.

10. Stop Being Looked Down On

People don’t look at smokers these days like they used too. Oftentimes, people are condemned for smoking and lectured by people for their habit. With vaping, you can kiss the naysayers goodbye because you are no longer inhaling harmful substances. Your entire outlook on life and the way others view you should improve with vaping.