Deep Fryers

Deep Fryers

Another important piece of cooking equipment is a deep fryer. There are so many types of deep fryers that this category can be extremely overwhelming. The type of deep fryer depends on what is going to be fried. Most fast food burger restaurants serve fries, onion rings, cheese sticks, chicken of some type–basically a lot of fried items.

Here are the four types of deep-fryers to consider for a fast food burger restaurant:

Open Pot Fryer – probably the most affordable deep fryer out of the four and also the easiest to clean. It is only good for low sediment (items that are lightly or not breaded) foods such as french fries, hot wings without breading, or hash browns. These deep-fryers are usually only gas-powered, so if the restaurant doesn’t use gas, this would not be an option.

Flat-Bottom Fryer – this is the best fryer for high sediment (heavily breaded) items such as chicken, onion rings, or doughnuts. It is available in electric or gas models, but this type of fryer is not good for high volume cooking. It also doesn’t have a cold zone (a place where sediment that comes off the food can settle), so the sediment simply floats to the bottom and burns. This means that the fryer needs to be cleaned more often than the other types so that food doesn’t come out with a burnt taste and color.

Tube Fryer – the universal fryer. This fryer is good for high volume cooking. It is made with a line of tubes at the bottom that help with even heat distribution. It has a large cold zone that can hold a lot of sediment so its great for high sediment items. Its also energy efficient. There are a few drawbacks with this type of fryer. The line of tubes at the bottom make it harder to clean out the cold zone. This type of fryer also generally costs more than the other fryer types. The baffling inside of the tubes also needs to be serviced or replaced often, so economy models are not recommended.

Electric Fryer – this is used for restaurants who do not have access to gas or restaurants that need counter top space. Electric fryers are heat efficient because the burners are usually submerged directly in the oil and if it has a lift-out burner, this makes it much easier to clean. Electric fryers are only good for low volume cooking.